Something bugs me. Recently my girlfriend has got strange calls again and again. We have no idea what they want, why they called. We certainly can do nothing.

I hate this kind of people. In slashdot, most bashing and stupid comments by anonymous are ignored by most. We only respect comments from people who respects him/herself and us enough to show his/her own identity. Why should we be respecting comments from people who don't even have self-respectation?

When I post comments on any webboard, I always do with my full identity; my login which could trace to my real name and even citizen ID number (on some website). My ID is either ithilien_rp (or ithilienrp) or just my real name, rawitatpulam. I sometime post anonymously, too. But that's for comment that doesn't intend to be anything. Mostly a joke that doesn't have relation to/with anything/anyone in particular, and completely ignorable. Also I will do that only when I'm not already logged into the system and too lazy to do so. I never deliberately log out of the system to post anonymous.

Everyone has his/her own identity. You were born as you. I was born as me. Give your respectation to the world, and only then the world can give it back to you.